Sunday, September 7, 2008


Time spent: 13 days

On budget/time: Got into Ecuador with not much time to spare for my flight out to the Galapagos.

Lost/stolen: My I survived the Inca Trail certificate was lost in the confusion coming back from Aguas Callientes. After sufficient therapy I may be ready to face the world again.

Sound of Peru: History of Rock and classic rock'n'roll in Aguas Callientes.

Taste of Peru: Had alpaca a few times, never managed the guinea pig though.

Highlights of Peru: As you might imagine the Inca trail and Machu Picchu were great. Quite liked Lima as a city.

Drink of Peru: Pisco sour at the Hotel Bolivar was class. Had chicha moreno and "Macho Tea" on the Inca trail

Didn't make a lot of stops in Peru, but really enjoyed myself there. There was lots more places to see, but I don't think I really had the appetite for many more Inca ruins, I'd seen some of the best. I'm quite happy with the pace I've travelled at.

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